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The Edge Sorting Technique and Its Use in Different Casino Games

May 19, 2023

Online casino games always run on a random number generator. However, there is a certain casino advantage in each of them. This means that any player who plays a long-term game will lose and the casino will make a profit. That is why most players look for ways, strategies, and secrets that allow them to beat the casino. One example is edge sorting. His Majesty King Billy invites you to learn more about this phenomenon later in the article.

what is edge sorting

The Description of Edge Sorting

The point of this technique is very simple. Experienced gamblers know about it and can use it to gain an advantage over the casino. The first known player to use it was Phil Ivey, a very famous professional poker player.

What is edge sorting in gambling? It's a technique where the player keeps track of the subtle differences on the shirt of the cards to see what the face value of the card is on the back. It is worth noting that even this technique will not give you a win-win game. The player still has the risk of making a mistake or losing. However, this secret does reduce the casino's advantage, allowing the player to win more often.

edge sorting cards

Phil Ivey and his partner already mentioned above, chose certain casinos, and certain packs of cards and took clear actions during the game to use this technique. It allowed them to win £7.3 million playing a simple variation of Baccarat (Punto Banco). So how exactly did this technique work? Let's talk about it below.

How the Edge Sorting Technique Works?

Well, curious gamblers, let's take a look at what's so special about this method and how to use it.

There are so many different packs of cards in the casino world. The drawing on their shirts can be completely different, depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers do not make perfect cards, which makes the drawing on the shirt of the cards asymmetrical.

For example, you can see almost a full rhomboid on the left side of the card, but only a small part of it on the right. It is the same with circles and other patterns. In edge sorting, it is very important to know which cards (to be more specific, which manufacturer's deck) have such imperfections.

So, as the game progresses, the gambler needs to keep track of which cards go back into the deck and remember where the cards of the correct denomination are. Then, when cards from that deck are dealt out again, the player should ask the dealer to turn those cards 180 degrees. A superstition can be the pretext for such a request.

More on superstition: it's believed that casinos encourage players to believe in magic, luck, fate, etc. Such belief encourages players to gamble for a longer period and provokes them to bet more money.

The next time cards from the deck are dealt out again, the player can already see where the cards of the correct denomination are located. All he has to do is strain his eyesight and notice the subtle differences in the pattern of the cards.

The edge sorting technique does not always work. Such requirements must be respected:

  • The same deck must be used during the same session.
  • The casino must use a flawed deck.
  • The dealer must agree to flip a card (they do this more often for high rollers).
  • Shuffling must be automatic so that the cards are not flipped.
  • The player must have very sharp eyesight and a good memory to first track down where the cards of the right denomination are.
  • The edge sorting technique only works in games where the cards are drawn and shirts up.

Phil Ivey, whom we mentioned above, managed to meet all these conditions. He was assisted by his partner, who asked the dealer to flip the cards. Is this considered cheating? No, because the player doesn't interact with the cards and doesn't affect them in any way. The technique requires a lot of skill from the player. Still, this secret is somewhere on the border between cheating and skill. Logically, not many casinos like players using it.

Using Edge Sorting in Baccarat

Now that you understand exactly how this sorting works, it's easy to guess that edge sorting in Baccarat works very well. The player must bet on either the Banker or the Player. The one who gets a number 9 or the closest to it wins. Values of cards in baccarat:

  • Ace — 1 point.
  • Cards with a number and ten — 0 points.
  • Denominations from 2 to 9 earn the same number of points as those written on the card.

Two cards are dealt in the game. If the sum of points exceeds 9, the digits are added together until you have a single-digit number (1 to 9).

If the cards are sorted correctly, you can see where the cards are of the correct value and who has a better chance of winning. Thus, to gain an advantage in this game, it is important to flip cards with the values of 7, 8, and 9. The pair of cards with this value has a much better chance of winning.

edge sorting technique

Using Edge Sorting in Blackjack

Among the games in which this sorting method can be applied is this one. For blackjack, edge sorting is suitable. By sorting the reverse side you can determine what the next card in the deck is. This is useful for you in the following cases:

  • draw a new card or stay with your own;
  • to double up or stay with your bet;
  • place a big bet before the round starts, if you're in first place near the dealer.

This way, you can adjust your decisions in this game. And, as you know, in Blackjack, everything depends on the decisions the player makes.

The same logic applies to edge sorting in other games, such as poker. The technique can be adjusted to suit the rules of a particular game and gain an advantage over the casino.

Final Thoughts about Edge Sorting

So now you, dear guests of the Land of King Billy, know what edge sorting is and how you can apply it to your game. Of course, this style is only suitable for professionals. To use it you need to know your packs of cards, be able to look at the patterns on the cards, and remember them easily so you can sort them correctly. But it does allow you to win more often.

This phenomenon shows how inventive players can be to win more often in casinos. However, it is worth remembering: gambling is for fun. And that should be your main goal. It is profitable and enjoyable to have fun at King Billy even without the use of secret techniques and strategies!


Is the edge sorting technique considered cheating?

In general, this technique is not considered cheating. To use it, a person does not need to touch a deck, count cards, or engage in other activities illegal in a casino. But this technique is on the borderline between player skill and cheating. In casinos, most dealers are aware of it and are suspicious of the gambler's requests to flip a card.

Is it legal to use edge sorting?

There is no clear concept or definition in the law that this technique is cheating. However, if the casino suspects that you are using this technique, it can check the honesty of your winnings. Using Phil Ivey's story as an example, it can be seen that the court will not be on the player's side if there is a lawsuit between him and the casino. All because a player's true motive for turning a card is to use it for his next bet, not personal superstition.

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