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Blackjack Tips: How to Win Blackjack

April 10, 2023

In many online casinos, blackjack is considered one of the most popular games, especially with live dealers. Therefore, users are actively looking for ways of how to win at blackjack at the casino and make as much money as possible. This makes players look for the best ways to make a profit in this game.

The land of King Billy online casino provides many types of this game and tells you how to win at blackjack. This is especially important for beginners because experienced players already understand in which direction they need to move and how they can earn real money. Below are the most popular strategies for increasing the chances of winning and the mistakes that beginners most often make in blackjack. Using this knowledge, the players will significantly increase their chances of success in the blackjack.

Strategies for Winning at Blackjack which Help You

If a player is looking to understand how to play casino blackjack and win, then the first thing to look at is popular blackjack strategies. Beginners start by trying to count cards. This is a basic strategy to help attentive players keep track of which cards are out of the game and whether they have an advantage.

Experienced players use other strategies that players also need to understand. After studying a lot of materials on how to win at blackjack, beginners are faced with strategies:

  • plus or minus;
  • halves;
  • Edward O. Thorp count.

In the plus-minus strategy, the cards have their numerical values. Cards from 2 to 6 count as +1, from 7 to 9 as 0, and the rest as -1. Initially, the deck is considered 0, but the situation changes with the release of cards. The player has more chances to win with the most positive combination.

The halves are of a similar type, but the counting is different in that:

  • 2 and 8 are equal to 0;
  • 3, 4, and 6 are +1;
  • 5 as +1.5;
  • 6 as +1;
  • 7 as +0.5;
  • 9 as -0.5;
  • 10 as -1.

Thorp's counting is the most popular, but to fully master this strategy, you need to study his tables.

Types of Blackjack Bets

When a player is learning how to win at blackjack, he must understand the basics of the game. First of all, you need to learn not only the rules of the game but also what bets you can make in blackjack. Before each round, players make minimum bets. The further development of the round will depend on them. By looking at the cards, you can make changes in the bet and request cards or stay with the current combination.

The most common bets are an increase in defeat and an increase in victory.

To get a win, you need to try to get a combination as close to 21 as possible and higher than the dealer. Many people mistakenly try to collect exactly 21. But their task is to beat the dealer, and this can be done with fewer points.

Top 7 Tips for Winning at Blackjack

To understand how to win at blackjack, the user needs to learn the basics and rules of the game. To do this, they usually study many forums and watch how professionals play blackjack for real money. But the money won't come to the players out of nowhere. They need a strategy and an understanding of blackjack odds.

When following a strategy, you must think through every step you make. It is important to do the following:

  • find the right table;
  • split aces with eights;
  • how to act with soft 17 at the dealer;
  • when is the best time to wait;
  • is it worth looking at tables with double bets;
  • whether it is possible to deviate from your strategy.

The answers to these questions will help you win at the casino more often than other players.

The Bets on the Table Must Match the Bankroll

Almost all blackjack tips start with the phrase that bets should not be more than your bankroll. Therefore, the player needs to carefully consider which table is better to sit at. There are situations when a player ignores such rules. In this case, he/she risks losing the bankroll in a couple of hands and being left with nothing.

blackjack how to win

Beginners should play at tables with minimum bets. Here the blackjack dealer will not win significantly, and the player will be able to earn. However, earnings will be minimal. Over time, it will be possible to move to higher bets.

Split Aces and Eights as Part of an Overall Blackjack Strategic Theory

When learning basic blackjack tips and strategies, players may notice that they need to split pairs of aces and eights. A pair of aces immediately gives you 12 points, which is very bad. Upon receiving a ten-digit card, the dealer will immediately become the winner in blackjack, and the player will be left with nothing. But if you split aces, then such a card will bring 21 points and an almost guaranteed victory.

how to win at blackjack

A pair of eight gives 16 points, which is the worst score. If you separate them, then the combination will change and you can buy more cards. As a result, you can score a combination that is closer to 21 points.

Why is it Better for the Player When the Dealer is Standing on Soft 17?

Looking through tips for blackjack, the player should stop his or her attention on this point. If the dealer is on soft 17, then he has a weak hand which means that the player has a much higher chance of winning blackjack. In this case, surrender is impossible and you need to try to beat the dealer's blackjack bet.

Further, tricks from the side of the casino are possible, when the blackjack dealer gets smaller cards and you need to calculate this probability. But if you saw such a hint, then the round is most likely yours.

Wait for a Hand That Could Bust Against the Dealer's Card

Any tips for blackjack are not a guarantee of winning. Therefore, standing your bets or choosing to surrender is the decision of the blackjack player only. But it is possible to calculate the probability of winning or losing.

For example, if you wait for a combination that can go broke against the dealer's card, then this round is lost. In such cases, it is pointless to fight and it is better to release the minimum bet to earn much more.

Choose Tables With Double Bets

Doubling your bets helps you win back your money. At such tables, with a good combination, you can play blackjack and earn 2 times more than your opponents. Therefore, various portals, where there are tips for blackjack, are advised to choose just such tables. Behind them, it is easier to return the money for the spent bets and restore the bankroll. Thus, the player spends less money.

Doubling Down with Any Ace Against the Dealer's Six

Looking at all the tips for blackjack, you can see that doubling up is not used so often. For example, if the player has an ace and the dealer has a six up. Then you can play doubles.

blackjack tips

The fact is that such a combination will bring the user more chances to win. The dealer can get into a situation where he will have 16 points, and this is almost a 100% loss. The player has a minimal probability of such a combination in the presence of an ace.

Follow the Strategy

When learning blackjack tips, the player needs to remember that blackjack is very difficult to play without a strategy. It's almost impossible to win. If the player has thought through the strategy and knows that it works, then it must be followed. This is especially true in situations where a player loses to the casino for several rounds in a row. In this case, strategies can bring such unexpected income and even out the situation or even tip the balance in favor of the player.

Do not resort to frequent changes of strategies. In this situation, a couple of winning rounds is possible, but the total earnings will be negative. Therefore, if you have thought out a strategy and perfected it in the demo version, then follow it flawlessly and the profit will surely overtake you.

How to Win Blackjack Regularly

Players need to understand that the game of blackjack is built in such a way that it is impossible to win all the time. In any case, the program will issue deliberately losing rounds. However, if you build a strategy correctly, you can easily understand how to win at online blackjack by the end of a day or a longer period.

To do this, the player needs to think through their actions. For example, if the round was losing, then you can double the bet for the next round. In this case, it is more likely that the game will give the user a chance to win back and it will be possible to return their bet. Also, if you have won several times in a row, then it is better to reduce the bet, most likely the round will be losing. In general, you need to keep track of cards, be an attentive player and not make mistakes.

Blackjack Mistakes That Ruin Your Game

Compared to other players, the King Billy Casino citizens are in the best positions, because they have a lot of bonuses for blackjack. But even with the advantages, you need to figure out how to win at online blackjack.

The misconception is that blackjack players think that it is enough for them to think over their strategy. The right strategy is only half of your success. It is equally important not to make mistakes on your part. If the game allows you to earn, then your own mistakes will lead you to defeat. The most common mistakes players make are:

  • play emotionally;
  • do not follow the strategy;
  • do not check the strategy in the blackjack demo version;
  • Immediately play at maximum bets.

If such errors are excluded, then the player will be able to earn with the help of blackjack.


What is the highlight of blackjack?

Blackjack is a very interesting game, but you won't be able to win it all the time. Therefore, each round in it is a separate story that needs to be calculated and thought out in advance. The trick is that the player can analyze the cards and the current situation on the table. If you build a strategy correctly, then the player is guaranteed a win with a high degree of probability.

Do I need to increase the bet in case of a winning streak?

Winning streaks are very dangerous for the player. Yes, they are profitable and with their help, you can make good money. However, a player can enter into courage and make a mistake that will lead him/her to defeat. Therefore, with a winning series, it is not necessary to increase the bets, because each subsequent round is likely to be a losing one.

Is it necessary to play at a table with higher bets?

You need to play at a table whose bets allow you to play. If you have a weak bankroll, then sitting at a table with high bets is pointless. It is better to play at tables with minimum bets. Yes, the winnings are lower here, but the bankroll will not disappear in a matter of seconds.

Is it better to play blackjack alone or in pairs?

Of course, it is better to find a partner at the table and do everything to beat the dealer. However, in this case, you can get very burned. A partner can simply let you down or be insufficiently experienced, which will lead you to defeat. So, choose them wisely.

Ways to increase your chances of winning at blackjack?

To be more likely to win at blackjack, you need to follow a strategy, avoid mistakes and play with a cool head. If you follow these tips, then your chances of winning will be higher than those of your opponents. Also, be sure to check if your strategy works through the demo.

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