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A Winning Roulette Strategy or How to Win at Roulette

March 31, 2023

Roulette is considered one of the most popular online casino games. Therefore, the question of how to win at roulette online is relevant for players. Some people think that choosing the right casino is enough.

Our online casino can offer amazing conditions because, by decree of King Billy, players win more often than on other resources. Therefore, with the right strategy, you will not only be in the black, but you will also be able to make good money on our resources.

But also, a lot depends on how the player has thought out the roulette strategy, and not just the chosen lucky table. Yes, the casino is extremely important, because it gives a certain advantage. But without a carefully thought-out strategy and the right actions, it is impossible to achieve a result. To achieve them, you need to understand the basic rules and strategies of playing roulette.

The Basic Rules of the Roulette Game

Before you understand the tips of the game, and what kind of roulette strategy you will have, you need to study its basic rules. Only by thoroughly learning the basics, the player will understand how to win at roulette and earn money with it.

best strategy in roulette

In this game, everything is quite simple. The game involves 36 or 37 sectors and the dealer throws the ball onto the spinning wheel. While it is spinning, the player can bet on where the ball will stop after spinning the top. If the player made a correct bet, then the winnings will be multiplied by 35. You can also bet on a row, column, or dozen. There are also many other bets. For example, on the color of numbers, even or odd numbers, on the field where there is a specific number, etc. Depending on the type of roulette, a different order of payments to the winners is carried out.

What Types of Roulette Games Exist

To build a roulette strategy correctly, you need to understand the type of game that uses the online wheel. There are separate rules for each type of game. Yes, in most cases they are similar, but not every best strategy in roulette is suitable for a specific type of game where the rules are slightly different. Most often online casinos offer the following types of roulette:

  • American;
  • French;
  • European;
  • with a live dealer.

Each of these games has its features, which players should take into account when building their strategy. Otherwise, they run the risk of quickly losing their bankroll and being left with nothing.

American Roulette

In this version of the game, there are 2 zero sectors. Also, players can bet on a special combination of numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. Since there is an additional sector in American roulette, the roulette format is different. If there are 36 cells in other cells, then the American one has 37. Depending on the number of players, the number of dealers will depend. You can make bets on your own, and payments are made according to an increasing scheme (immediately, money is credited to players with the smallest winnings and further in ascending order).

roulette winning strategy

European or Single-Zero Roulette

This game is somewhat similar to the French version. But here they use English terminology, not French. The rules are the same as in the French version of the game. But there are a couple of features.

For example, when paying out winnings to several players, the first to receive their winnings are those who have earned the most. Further payments take place on the descending line. This distinguishes the game from the American version.

French Roulette: The Original Version of the Game

One of the first types of this game. The main feature is the use of special chips or tokens for betting. For players, an important point is to fall into zero sectors or zero. If this sector falls twice in a row or the casino wins, then it is the casino that takes the winnings. If the gambler wins, then the bet is returned to him. Also, some types of this roulette at zero give players 50% of their bet.

Roulette with Live Dealers

Live roulette can be of different formats. The player needs to study their appearance in advance before starting to play if they want to know how to win at roulette. In this game, the dealer will be a real person, not a computer program.

This format of the game is the most valuable and interesting for users. In them, the winnings usually depend on the total number of bets. Therefore, the more players at the table, the higher the chances of winning.

The Most Popular and Used Roulette Strategies

A properly thought out and chosen roulette strategy will allow you to distribute money for bets in such a way that the player ends up in the black. Otherwise, he/she can quickly empty the account and be left with nothing. To competently organize your actions, you need to understand whether there is the best strategy in roulette.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the best strategy. The player needs to think for himself about which of the strategies is suitable for him. But there are several popular strategies that you should learn. Among them are the systems:

  • Martingale;
  • Fibonacci;
  • Labouchere roulette strategy;
  • Reverse Martingale;
  • D'Alembert.

Each of them has its advantages and provides players with different opportunities. And the main thing to remember is that if the player started to follow the strategy, then you need to move on it in the future.

Martingale Strategies

Perhaps this is the best roulette winning strategy. In the gambling industry, the casino can't lose more often than the player, so the roulette strategy must take into account the moments of a clear loss on the part of the user. According to the Martingale system, the player needs to bet on a certain amount. If you win, you need to leave the amount at the same level. If the player loses, then he or she needs to double the amount of the bet in the next round. As a rule, after a loss, a win most often follows.

According to this system, the player not only recovers his/her bet but also can earn more than the funds spent. For example, if you bet 10 dollars and lose, then in the next round you should bet 20. If there was a loss, then you need to bet 40. As a result, the player receives 80 dollars when he/she wins. And this is 10 dollars of profit for all unsuccessful and successful rounds.

Fibonacci Sequence Strategy

When studying the question of how to play online roulette, you need to look at various mathematical theories. The Fibonacci system is one of them. For this roulette strategy to be successful, you need to play according to the sequence of this mathematician. The player must remember that the next number must be the sum of the previous two.

Thus, after each loss, the sequence of bet amounts increases by one number. If the player wins, then it rolls back two numbers. This strategy works only if the player bets on the color of the cells or even or odd numbers.

Since this strategy only works on these odds, it is often used by beginners.

Strategy According to the Labouchere System

For many players, this is the best roulette betting strategy. If you act on it, then the player needs to increase the bet after losing. For example, a player breaks a $100 amount into several smaller pieces, say $10 each. After that, it determines the bet for the largest amount in the sequence and starts playing. If the game goes well and the player wins, then this roulette strategy will require that the winning bet is crossed out. If there was a loss, then on the contrary, this bet is added to the end of the sequence for further rounds.

In the end, the player must cross out all the numbers from the sequence. Then you can consider the day closed and not continue the game. Summing up the result, players notice that most often they earn using this strategy. But you should always bet on the same color or an even/odd number.

Paroli Strategy

This strategy for playing roulette is often called the reverse martingale. In this case, the player needs to bet in the same position. If the roulette strategy for a round turns out to be a failure and the player does not receive money, then you need to double the bet for the next round.

In case of victory, the bet must remain at the same level. It is necessary to play according to this strategy until the player wins 3 rounds in a row. After that, you need to either change the strategy or move to another table and start acting again.

For players, this strategy is profitable. They recoup their investments and can earn real money. The main thing to remember is not to deviate from the chosen strategy and not to act emotionally. Only by following this rule in roulette, you can earn.

d'Alembert System

Another interesting roulette strategy for online casinos. With its help, the player can earn by betting on the color of the cells or even/odd numbers. Also, sometimes players use it to bet on half of the cells. For example, in a round, they bet on numbers from 1 to 18 and continue to stick to this field without betting on the remaining numbers.

This is a moderate strategy based on the theory of progression. There is a similar mathematical feature in the Martingale system, but here it is softer. After losing, the player adds only one coin to the bet and continues to play.

Since the bets grow slowly, the player will not lose much money. However, he/she will not be able to cover his/her losses from losing rounds with one win. Therefore, this strategy is used for long online roulette games.

How To Build Roulette Strategy Correctly

For the online roulette strategy to work, you need to think it through to the smallest detail. The player needs to check the roulette rules, decide on a strategy, and deposit financial capital.

However, many beginners in the early stages allow unnecessary emotions during the rounds. As a result, they act short-tempered and without a strategy. This leads to defeat. To avoid such moments, it is necessary:

  • test your strategy in the demo version of the game;
  • make sure that you have chosen the right roulette option;
  • to think over each step after each unsuccessful round;
  • follow the strategy and do not deviate from it even a single step;
  • follow the results of the rounds and record them.
how to win at roulette

Each of these steps will help eliminate possible mistakes and achieve a good income during the game. Experienced users are already actively earning using the above strategies.

The Most Profitable Roulette Strategy

Along with other players, the King Billy Citizens can have an advantage in roulette. Thanks to generous bonuses, they have a better position and a higher bankroll. However, a competent strategy will help them not to lose them. Any roulette strategy for an online casino is aimed at increasing the odds of a player's final victory. Therefore, each of the above strategies can be used to earn money.

Accordingly, no strategy is guaranteed to bring victory in all rounds. In any case, in some rounds, the winner will be the casino. But with the help of a strategy, you can eventually earn decent money on the game. If you responsibly approach the issue of forming a strategy, then the player will not be left as a loser.


How to make a fortune in online roulette?

To get a significant income from online casinos, the player needs to choose the European version of this game, as the legendary Richard Wilhelm Jarecki did. You can win only if you play according to the strategy and for real money. Loss is partly possible, but if you stick to the strategy and make high bets, then even with a small coefficient, the result will be positive.

Is it possible to use programs for better bets?

Not, these programs are direct scams. If a player is caught, then the user account can be blocked or even added to the list of scammers. Then you won't be able to create an account at all the popular online casinos in the world. Therefore, you need to play honestly and very carefully, adhering to the strategy.

Is there a James Bond roulette strategy?

It only works in classic roulette. The player operates on the Martingale system and doubles each bet after losing. The user often doubles and plays aggressively, just like James Bond. However, this strategy is only suitable for experienced players. Beginners should start with small bets and accurate play.

What are the best roulette bets?

For players, the highest earnings are considered a bet on a certain number. But less risky bets are considered optimal. This is for even or odd numbers or for the color of the cell where the ball will stop. In the case of defeat, the player can add one coin at a time and continue playing.

Is it possible to win at roulette every time?

It is impossible to win every round in roulette because the providers have created the game in such a way that the casino can win more rounds. With the help of the strategy, the player can cover losses in such rounds and even benefit from the casino.

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