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King Billy earns Casino Guru’s Fair Casino Badge!

February 25, 2019

King Billy earns Casino Guru’s Fair Casino Badge!

His Majesty King Billy has spent considerable time reflecting upon the concept of “fair” — its meaning, definition, and the implications it holds. Consequently, he entrusted his faithful Chancellors with a special task: to enlighten both him and his loyal Citizens about the essence and significance of fairness. Here are their responses!

  1. “Fair” is a part of the title of no less than 5 Vanity Fair magazines, with the first of its kind being published in the USA back in 1859!
  2. “Fair” is a timeless classic comedy-drama film from 1964, “My Fair Lady”, featuring the iconic Audrey Hepburn!
  3. “Fair” is a lighthearted zombie movie released in 2013, titled “My Fair Zombie”, playfully referencing the aforementioned classic!
  4. “Fair” is a diverse collection of over 119,631 products available on Alibaba, somehow incorporating the word “fair” into their descriptions!
  5. “Fair” is an alternative expression for “true” within the Australian slang phrase “fair dinkum”!
  6. “Fair” is recognized as the 18,687th most common surname worldwide!
  7. “Fair” is a means of supporting coffee and tea producers in developing countries through the principles of Fair Trade!

And last but certainly not least, “Fair” is another accolade for King Billy! Casino Guru, the most comprehensive and precise online casino database globally, has bestowed upon King Billy Casino its prestigious Fair Casino Badge!

This badge sets apart fair and principled casinos from those that are merely average or marred by serious flaws. Only a very select few casinos have earned the Casino Guru Fair Casino Badge. To attain this distinction, an online casino must:

  1. Honor all legitimate winnings, ensuring that players receive their dues.
  2. Abide by fair and transparent rules, refraining from deceptive practices to dupe players.
  3. Welcome players only if they are not from a restricted country.
  4. Grant bonuses exclusively to eligible players.

Hence, the Fair Casino Badge marks yet another remarkable achievement for King Billy Casino, standing proudly alongside its array of other accolades. And as with all the rest, this recognition belongs to you, our cherished Citizens, Players, and Friends!

Long Live King Billy!
Play long and prosper!

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