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How to Win at Roulette!

July 1, 2019

How to Win at Roulette!

The Philosopher’s Stone

Lapis Philosophorum. The philosopher’s stone. The legendary chemical substance, capable of turning humble and cheap metals into precious gold or soft silver. For many centuries it was the most sought goal in alchemy. Oh, all those alchemists burning the midnight oil and mixing this and that and the other!

Of course, since the days of the 16th century Swiss alchemist Paracelsus a lot of water has flown under the bridge. Advance in science has shown that the Philosopher’s Stone cannot really exist outside the realm of fantasy. What has taken its place in the modern, gambling world? The Gambler’s Stone!

The Gambler’s Stone

There must be a system, somewhere, by someone on this small planet able to beat the roulette, both the brick and mortar based one as well as the online roulette. And this is the Gambler’s Stone, the secret door that leads to unimaginable riches, wealth and precious metals in the form of massive gold chains.

But… is it possible? Can it be found? Can the most brilliant mathematical minds, if brought to the task, beat the roulette? If we, magically, brought back Archimedes, Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking and assigned them with the (not so simple) task to beat the roulette, would they have made it? Well, yes and no! Read below our article, for more details.

Advantage: House

Let’s start with some hard facts of life. How would it feel, if you played a tennis match that never started at love all, but always at love fifteen for your opponent? Rather difficult ah? Even if you were, let’s say, Rafa or Roger or Novak, you would have your work cut out, just trying to always bring the game back to deuce.

So, have in mind that there is always a house advantage (also called house edge) on the game of roulette. It may vary, depending on the roulette variant you play, but it is there and it is never zero. Not even close to zero some times. Let’s try to calculate the house advantage together.

When a European roulette wheel spins there are 36 numbers on it, plus zero, which makes up a total of 37 possible winning numbers. However, if the player’s chosen bet of, let’s say 1 unit, wins, he will receive 36 units. This difference of 37 minus 36 represents the house advantage, and it is rounded to 2.7%. And to spare you the trouble to Google it, the same house percentage of 2.7% works for the outside bets as well.

American versus European

The old world versus the new one. The tired Europeans versus the fearless explorers and entrepreneurial minds. And the clichés go on and on. However, when it comes to differences between Europeans and Americans, the big difference is not that Europeans leave their desks during lunch time whereas Americans have a sandwich and Coke at their tables.

The big difference, for gamblers that is, is the house edge. As we showed, the house edge on a single zero (European) roulette table is 2.7%. And if you add the “La partage” rule, in which a player loses only half their even-odds stake if a zero comes up, the house edge can be as low as 1.35%. Now, that’s something that sure, Archimedes, Einstein et al could find beatable!

On the other hand, the wheel on the American version has a double zero (00) which raises the house advantage, to a very considerable, and really hard to beat 5.26%. Does this mean that you should always prefer European roulette to American one? There is not really an answer on this!

Some players love the American roulette, even though they know the odds are even more against them, exactly because of that double zero. And we strongly believe that even if there were roulettes with a “triple zero” (and still paying out only 36 units) a few “suicide commandos” would be up to the challenge.

Are you playing for the thrill? Don’t read this!

What exactly is your relationship with roulette? Is it based on adrenaline and going all out? Are you the type of person, as cocky as the King of Spades that bets on red 18, because they were born in February 18? And you stick to this bet, piling more and more money on it, going for broke?

Then, there is no reason to read about strategies and tips to win at roulette – it would feel a bit like instructing Lewis Hamilton how to put first gear in a small, city car. However, regardless of your wallet, and we do not really care if you put Jeff Bezos to shame with your wealth, if you start to feel that things are getting, somehow, out of control with your playing habits, ask for help. We are very, very serious about this folks.

Practice makes perfect

Online roulette has been around for no more than 25 years. How did people practice their systems, mathematical or intuitive, in the prehistoric times of the 20th century and before? Well, the elder among you may remember some persons, in brick and mortar venues, sitting hunched at roulette tables, usually at a far corner and jotting down laboriously in a note pad.

This was hard work and quite monotonous, mind you! An average roulette wheel spins about 40 times every hour. So, in order to write down a decent sequence of random numbers, one needed to sit at least for 2 ½ hours on the table, and not even enjoy the joy of the game.

So, aren’t you happy that the Internet is here? Aren’t you happy that you can press the magic feature “Play for fun!” on all our King Billy Casino roulette games (actually, all our 2,500 and counting games) and test your systems? And you know what? There are roulette tables on King Billy which offer you a much speedier variant, almost twice per minute.

So, compared to that hunched guy with the eyeglasses, you can test your systems three times faster and, of course, at the comfort of your home, from your armchair, your sofa, or your balcony. And if you are the summer type, yeah, why not – check your brand new systems out, from your mobile phone on the beach!

Inside or outside?

There is so much difference in outside bets compared to inside ones in roulette that we could be talking about different games. If your betting strategy includes inside bets, you should be very careful because you could be accumulating losses pretty soon. Also, winning, on average, every 45 minutes is frustrating for most of the players.

So, if you are not the Master of Zen, the Mister Miyagi of roulette, who can patiently wait for the proper moment, “feeling your way” through the numbers, you‘d better stick with the odds/even, red/black, and high/low bets. They give you an almost 50% chance to win something, and, from a psychological point of view, this is the beginning of everything!

Don’t try these!

So, you have set your goals on beating the roulette from the outside. How do you start doing this? There are a number of systems, which could make you a billionaire, if three options were available:

  • No limit in your betting
  • Unlimited wealth from your side
  • The acceptance that you could, potentially, bet 131.072 units to win… 1.

Let’s elaborate on the last one, which is absolutely true, and entirely within the realm of possibility. It is the famous Martingale Roulette System (famous for losing that is!) where you double you bet size after losses. However, there is no such thing in physics as an accurate prediction of the color that is going to come up, after, let’s suppose, 17 consecutive reds – it has a 50% chance of being red as well!

So, in our example above, a player doubling his bet on black of, and having started with an initial bet of 1 Canadian dollar, would need to bet 131.072 Canadian dollars (if the table let him!) on his 17th bet in order to win…. 1! Not for the faint of heart and, you know what? The record number of reds in a row, at a casino table in the United States, was 32 times, which would mean that you would have to bet more than 10 billion dollars to get back your 1 dollar. Sorry, we will pass!

The list of the bets that are based on betting progression is endless. There are variations, apart from the Martingale, called Fibonacci, the Labouchere, the James Bond system, etc. Avoid them all!

There IS one way to win!

Yes, folks there is. And it breaks down to mentality, the sheer pleasure of the game and self-control. It goes like this: you set aside your bankroll and you stick to it, strictly. You go to your favorite roulette game, Live, Speed, Immersive, oh there are so many of them at King Billy Casino!

You play with all your craft and expertise, but you never exceed the amount you of money you put aside. If you win, you cash the money out. If you lose, you stop. In both cases, you have felt the excitement of the roulette game, the adrenaline rush, which hits you as a tsunami and makes every other activity of the outside world feel mundane and trivial.

THIS is how you win in roulette folks! Play long and prosper!


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