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Why and When to Split in Blackjack?

May 15, 2023

For fans of online gambling, the availability of popular types of entertainment is extremely important. Blackjack is especially popular among table games. In this game, the cards have their designations and users need to collect the desired combination worth 21 points or as close as possible to this number.

The King Billy Empire offers many types of this game. While the rules are clear even to amateurs, beginners do not always have an easy time understanding its terms. A terminology research chart shows that the most commonly misunderstood by players is split. They even think that splitting is cheating, but it is just a tool for players.

when to split in blackjack

You can use it to increase your odds of winning or minimize losses in the game. However, players need to understand when to split in blackjack and not make mistakes with such a decision. After all, they can lose even in a situation where the player has a good situation on the table.

The Meaning of the Term “Split” in Blackjack

First of all, players need to understand the term split and understand the answer to the question: “What is a split in blackjack?”. It is a situation in which a player holds 2 identical cards in the hand after the first hand. In this case, it is possible that the cards will even be of different suits, but have the same number of points.

Having received such a combination, the player may not immediately open the cards, but make a splitting, and the dealer will be forced to split the cards into 2 hands. It is only possible to make such a move if the player also makes a new bet. This step is extremely interesting and helps to confuse the opponent.

For example, if a player has 2 aces after the firsthand. This immediately means a bust of points, and the player can split. As a result, he makes an identical bet and receives 2 playing hands with a combination of 11 points. He will be able to double the winnings in one round. But you also have to risk twice as much.

split in blackjack

Therefore, it is important to be careful and only use splitting when you are sure of your winnings or when you are trying to keep your chances of winning. In any case, consider the possibility of splitting when forming your strategy for the game.

Basic Blackjack Splitting Strategies

The moments when to split in blackjack are determined by the situation at the game table. Typically, a split is used when one of the following basic strategies is used:

  • offensive strategy;
  • active defense strategy;
  • risky move.

The offensive strategy is used in a situation where a player can turn an unsuccessful round with a losing hand into 2 winning hands. For example, the situation with getting 2 eights, means that the chances of winning are not bad, but the dealer may have a better hand. Then a split is appropriate and you can expect a deal for 2 of your winning bets in one round.

The active defense strategy shows that the player will try to save his funds. It is used in a situation with a bust of points (for example, with 2 aces). Then you can split the cards into 2 hands and try to collect one winning and one losing combination to return your funds.

In the case of using the strategy of risky moves, the player performs this procedure to split 2 cards. This applies to the situation when a user has 2 cards that give a small number of points (preferably less than 10). In such a situation, the player splits and gets the opportunity to collect 2 hands with winning combinations. In doing so, the player risks more than when using an active offensive strategy.

As you can see, strategies are quite risky and you need to be sure of your split, otherwise, you will lose and lose part of the bankroll in the casino.

When Is the Best Time to Split in Blackjack?

The land of King Billy offers its players many variations of blackjack, both with and without splitting. But most players choose the first option. The fact is that the split, one way or another, increases their odds of success. But it is important to understand when to split in blackjack and only by applying it correctly can you increase your score.

The most successful situations for splitting are:

  • A combination with two aces. In this case, the player immediately finds himself with a bust of cards and only splitting will save the situation. At the same time, a loss of ten in one of the hands will immediately lead to a set of blackjack and the player's victory. It is important to remember that in such a situation, doubling is rarely allowed;
  • A combination of two eights. A total of 16 points rarely leads to a win. Therefore, it is best to divide them into 2 eights and draw cards to collect 18+ points. Such combinations will bring winnings with a higher degree of probability. Experienced players often use such situations to split cards into 2 hands.

There are not so many situations with the most favorable splitting options. However, even at such moments, they can be used and increase your bankroll.

Situations In Which You Should Not Split in Blackjack

In most games, blackjack split rules do not prohibit such a maneuver with any combination of identical cards. However, this does not mean that you need to split in every convenient situation. The following pairs of cards are considered the least favorable for a split:

  • tens. A combination of 20s in most cases means the player wins. So, splitting them into 2 hands of 10 points is very risky. Yes, you can try to collect 2 blackjacks, but such combinations are extremely rare. Most likely, you will simply make 2 weak hands from a strong hand and be left with nothing;
  • fives. The situation is almost identical with dozens. Especially when it comes to blackjack with the possibility of doubling. The player will be able to immediately get 20 points and claim a win in the round;
  • fours. Eight points are also better to either get or try to double the combination. In this scenario, you can try to collect 18 points, which gives you a good chance of success in the round. By dividing them, you may not collect the desired combination and most likely lose the round.

Of course, there can be different situations in the game and one cannot ignore the house edge and other parameters. But splitting should only be used in situations where you are sure of your success.

blackjack split rules

Advantages and Disadvantages of Splitting Cards in Blackjack

For experienced players, the split method may be the best way to tip the balance of the round in your favor. In many games, users can use this action, but it has both positive and negative points.

The most positive moment of splitting can be considered a chance to double your winnings with an initially losing combination. When studying the blackjack split rules, experienced players notice that when splitting, you can immediately break a combination of 2 aces. This will allow them not to lose the round, but to compete for a win, or at least for the preservation of their funds.

Also, splitting will allow you to earn 2 times more than the initial bet if there are not the most successful combinations. This is possible in a situation with cards less than 16 points. Then they are broken and you can get 2 good hands after drawing cards.

The main disadvantage of splitting is its riskiness. No one guarantees the players that after this procedure they will win. Therefore, users need to carefully use this option. Otherwise, if they get carried away with splitting, they can spend their bankroll 2 times faster and be left without money.


How often can you split in blackjack?

The rules of each provider will specify the number of times you can split in the game. There are games where there are no restrictions on this action at all, but most often we are talking about 2 splits per round (on the first and second hand). It is important to remember that splitting is carried out only when the player has 2 cards of the same denomination.

What pairs of cards can I split in blackjack?

There are no forbidden combinations of two identical cards in the game, in which splitting is prohibited. But you need to learn and understand the answer to the question “When should you split in blackjack?”, otherwise, you may lose the winning round.

Is it possible for the dealer to split in blackjack?

In most blackjack variations, only the player can split. The dealer only collects the combinations and cannot carry out such actions. But some providers create games in which a split is also available to the dealer. Therefore, before playing at an online casino, study the rules of the game you have chosen.

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