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May 20 , 2019

Our King cannot rest, even for a day! After his exhaustive reviews of the Felix and No Limit City games, he now has even more work to do, as he has decided to review the Playson slots, too. It’s so hard to be the King!

However, His Majesty will not complain. Playing in his beloved Gaming Chambers and sipping his favorite royal drink (⅓ Part Orange Curacao, ⅓ Part White Wine, Champagne, Pineapple and Strawberry, filled in a highball golden glass with ice cubes), he gives his royal verdict on the Playson games!

100 Joker Staxx
“We like this Joker, we think we shall employ him to entertain us.”

Art of the Heist
“We usually punish robbers by feeding them to our Dragons. But we shall spare this one”.

Book of Gold: Double Chance
“We like this one and we shall ask our Faithful Servants to make it Slot of the Month”.

Burlesque Queen
“Every King needs a Queen!”

Chicago Gangsters
“The Kingdom is so peaceful that it has become boring. We love those Gangsters!”

Claws vs Paws
“Our Dragons like this.”

Crystal Land
“Reminds us to ask for our 600.000 crystal trimmings chandelier to be cleaned. Must we, ourselves, do everything in this Palace?”

Fireworks Master
“After playing this, we shall fire the Palace’s Fireworks Master”.

Down the Pub
“What is a pub?”

Dracula’s Family
“This guy Dracula gives us the creeps! Very enjoyable game.”

Fruits and Stars
“Servants! Servants! Bring us our smoothie from Korean melon, durian, jackfruit, white pitaya, cherimoya, kiwano and feijoa!”

“Clever guy this King of Ithaca.”

Eastern Delights
“India, incredible India!”

Kingdom of the Sun: Golden Age
“Aaah, this one is surely about us!”

Lucky Pirates
“We like pirates, especially with their heads rolling!”

Mighty Africa
“After all this hard work, we will need a safari!”

Rise of Egypt
“More Egypt! We just can’t get enough!”

Legend of Cleopatra
“As legends ourselves, we recommend this one.”

Phoenix Fire
“Like the Legend of the Phoenix… all ends with beginnings. We shall Get Lucky with this one!”

Sky Way
“Sky Way is the King Billy Way.”

Wild Warriors
“Aye, Wild Warriors like our Tournament Players!”

So, this is the verdict from the King folks! Enjoy the Playson games, only at King Billy Casino. We leave you with the King’s final words:

The play is on… with Playson!

The play is on!

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