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Will 21+3 Blackjack Side Bet Bring Income?

May 22, 2023

Blackjack is very popular in the gambling environment. Online casinos now have many variations of blackjack online with different rules. The main disadvantage of this game, beginners consider low winnings per round. To alleviate this problem, providers have created options for additional side bets. The conditions for their fulfillment appear infrequently, but they bring a good multiplier for the players.

21+3 blackjack

One such option is the side bet 21+3 blackjack. Newcomers don't know much about it, but the King Billy Kingdom provides such an opportunity for its players. Experienced users often use it. But beginners must understand its basic functions and the possible circumstances of forming it on the gaming table to make such a bet.

The Basic Concept of the 21+3 Blackjack Side Bet Explained

It is difficult for beginners to understand the rules of the 21+3 blackjack side bet. Users should understand that the main or side bet can only be placed before the cards are dealt. Having received the first hand, the player may notice that his/her 2 cards and one open card of the opponent can make the combination he/she needs. This is an opportunity to make a side bet on 21+3 blackjack and increase your odds of winning.

Such a non-standard bet can bring impressive winnings because the odds of its loss are usually high. But the cards must also make a poker hand that will bring the player the winnings.

Such a bet will not be difficult for those who have played poker. But beginners are most often amateurs in all online games. Therefore, they need to carefully study the rules of all combinations and think over a strategy before starting the game.

When to Use Blackjack 21+3

Combinations at a bet of 21 + 3 blackjack should add up to the perfect one. It is enough for the player that the cards given at the first distribution in his/her hands and one open card from the dealer make up one of the following combinations:

  • Three of a Kind;
  • Flush;
  • Straight;
  • Straight Flush.
what is 21+3 in blackjack

Each combination has its advantages and allows players to get additional opportunities. Even the least profitable combination of cards will bring the player a significant income. With the help of these combinations, players can receive different amounts to their account, because the coefficients on them are also different.

Three of a Kind Combination

The first combination players are interested in when learning the answer to the question “What is 21+3 in blackjack?” is three kings or three of a kind. It is formed if the player has three identical cards. The combination will be formed even if all the cards are of different suits. For example, if three kings fall out. If the player has made the 21+3 blackjack side bet, then he/she is expected to receive very solid payouts. There is also a variation of a combination called a suited three of a kind (when all three kings are of the same suit). The probability of its loss is even lower, but it is also possible.

In this game, the three of a kind combination is real, because in blackjack the hand comes from four decks (and in some variations even from six). But the risk of such a bet is very high and you need to act only when the user is sure of a winning result.

Flush Combination

Studying what is 21+3 in blackjack, you can confuse the rules of the game with poker. At a minimum, one can notice a slight similarity between the names of the bet and the values of the cards.

When this bet falls out, the player must have 2 of his or her own and one dealer card (open) in the same suit and out of order. For example, a flush combination will form if the players have 2, 6, and 10 spades.

In this case, the player can claim a good cash reward. But you can get it only in a situation if the player made the right bet before the cards are dealt. If the cards will have the same order, but of a different suit, then you should not wait for a payout.

Straight Combination

Having understood the answer to the question “What does 21+3 mean in blackjack?”, players will look for other combinations of three cards to complete their 21+3 blackjack pairs. The straight is a little easier to make than a flush. When it is selected, cards can be consecutive, but of different suits.

For example, the user gets 2 spades and 3 clubs, while the dealer has 4 diamonds. This will form a straight and allow the player to make money on a good bet.

This combination falls out infrequently, but it is real to get it. You should not expect that such combinations will fall out in a row in rounds. If you made such a bet in one round, and it came in, then it is better to save your money for the next one. Otherwise, you run the risk of making a deliberately losing bet and being left with nothing.

Straight Flush Combination

For beginners who have been able to figure out the answer to the question “How does 21+3 work in blackjack?”, the meaning of a 21+3 blackjack straight flush combination is difficult to explain. Often, they mistakenly perceive a suited three of a kind for this combination. But this is not correct at all. In three of a kind, all cards must be of the same value. A straight flush means that three cards will be of the same sequence and suit.

This means that the queen, king, and ace of the same suit are counted, but ten, jack, and ace are not counted for winning. This combination is harder to get than a three of a kind, but more likely than a suited three of a kind. Most often, players get 40x of their bet when this combination appears. It is not every day that you can get such an amount in blackjack.

What Are 21+3 Blackjack Side Bet Odds?

For players, the side bet of 21+3 blackjack in the online casino can bring different winnings depending on the play combination and the right strategy. For the classic three, a coefficient of 30x is applied. The combination of flush is considered the least winning and brings players 5x. But with a good bet, it can come out a decent amount.

21+3 blackjack odds

The highest odds are charged for a bet on a three of a kind. But such a combination rarely appears on the gaming table. Analyzing betting odds, you can see that they bring good amounts, but their probability of falling out is not the highest. Therefore, users should think several times before making a side bet in the round before the distribution. But if they guess right, they can increase their bankroll quite well.

How Is the Side Bet Payout Calculated in 21+3 Blackjack?

The Land of King Billy offers users the opportunity to play many varieties of blackjack, including side-bet games. With a successful bet, players can receive money according to the odds with the probability of getting a combination.

For example, if a player places a €5 bet on a 21+3 flush, he or she will be able to receive €25 if the bet falls. If the bet was made on a three of a kind, then the player will be credited with 500 euros. Such bets help players forget about slots and play blackjack because in this game the chances of winning are much higher. The main thing is to choose the right strategy and carefully analyze each passing round.

How Does the 21+3 Blackjack Side Bet Affect the House Edge?

In such a table game, strategy is of the utmost importance, as betting on a 21 plus 3 blackjack side bet may not take into account the house edge. Unlike slots, this game has an 8.78% edge over four-deck blackjack. If 5 decks are involved in the game, then the house edge is reduced to 7.81%. The smallest house edge counts when playing with 7 decks. In this case, the indicator will be 6.29%.

The house advantage is important to consider because without it you will have an incomplete picture of possible combinations, which will lead you to lose your bankroll. Therefore, when placing a bet, act deliberately.


Is the 21+3 bet considered part of the standard blackjack game?

Yes, because side bets are present in all types of blackjack. Players need to find it among the bets and make it.

Is it possible to count cards with a bet of 21+3 in blackjack?

This strategy can be applied at any moment of the game, but in the case of such a non-standard bet, it is ineffective. You should not count on the fact that cards corresponding to this bet will fall out every round.

Do professional blackjack players use the 21+3 bet?

Of course, they do. Such a bet helps to significantly increase the base winnings and is used mainly by professional players. The reason is the high riskiness of such a bet. Therefore, do it only if you are confident in your decision and understand that you can win.

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