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Tips and Tricks on How to Win at Blackjack

10. April 2023

Is there any other game with such beneficial odds and dozens of ways to reduce the risks of losing? The King Billy Casino citizens can hardly find the second one. The Blackjack game allows punters to increase their chances of earning real money with a casino advantage of 0.5% if they know how to play right. Although unskilled players can keep the house edge around the 2% mark, understanding the probability to beat a dealer with your hand will greatly boost the odds of victory.

Start by assuming that a dealer’s downcard is a ten to improve your chances and downsize the house advantage. Now you can apply a basic game strategy and already be successful compared to thousands of casual punters. Continue reading to learn how to play casino Blackjack and win.

blackjack how to win

Winning at Blackjack is Possible with a Smart Approach

This mathematically correct game of chance has a well-calculated tactic, which allows punters to make the next step with the maximum benefits and low house edge. Although you have a little information available at the beginning, like the value of two cards in your hand and the croupier’s upcard, you can make it work for you.

Thus, basic BlackJack strategy determines the player’s behavior allowing him not to bust or miss the opportunity of winning a game. This is the short list of the simplest and most commonly provided player’s actions:

  • hit with 4-8 hand and any dealer’s card at hard hand;
  • stand with 17-21 and any dealer’s upcard;
  • stand with 12-16 and the 2-6 dealer’s hand and hit at the 7-A;
  • double at 9-11 and a dealer’s 2-6 hand;
  • split 8-8 and A-A;
  • don’t split 4-4, 5-5, and 10-10;
  • hit with 13-15 at soft hand.

All the basic strategy rules can be simply memorized and applied by punters who want to know how to win at Blackjack.

how to win at blackjack

Betting Options in Blackjack

Every punter should make a bet before getting cards at the table. When you play several rounds one by one, it’s recommended to apply some betting tactics that will allow you to receive more money if you win or do not lose much. Beginners often stake the same amount for every game, when they just get their first gaming experience. But those, who already have some skills and know how to win at Blackjack, can apply more complex strategies.

Raising Wagers after Each Win

If you don’t want to lose money that you can’t afford, it’s better to increase the betting amount only after you earn a reward from the casino. Thus, you’ll avoid huge spending from your pocket and survive if luck won’t on your side.

Martingale System

According to this pattern, players should double their wager every time they lose. Although the approach is quite risky, many punters use it to get back all the money wasted with one hit. Sometimes such Blackjack tips help one to receive huge rewards.


Some rules allow punters to give up a hand and take back half of the placed stake after the dealer checks if he has a BlackJack. It can be a real rescue for players, who receive a weak hand.

blackjack tips

5 Tips to Use at Your Blackjack Session and Win

Playing Blackjack with confidence in your next move brings more pleasure, isn’t it? When you learn some basic rules and strategies, it becomes easier to control the game and manage the bankroll. The following tips for Blackjack will help you to reduce the house edge as low as possible and remove more obstacles forward to victory.

Choose Tables Depending on Your Bankroll Possibilities

No, you don’t have to jump from one casino to another. The King Billy Kingdom has dozens of online RNG and live dealer Blackjack variations with different wagering minimums. Even with a small bankroll, it’s quite possible to find a game that suits your needs.

Got Two Aces or Eights? Split Them

Once you’ve got two 8 or aces, you may grow your chances of winning by splitting cards into two separate hands. While some punters find it risky to break a good combination of 16, others state these Blackjack tips help to earn more profit.

Don’t Draw an Additional Card and Bust if the Dealer Can Do It

Having a weak hand and facing 4, 5, or 6 on the dealer’s upcard, you better stand and wait while he busts. The odds of beating a dealer at Blackjack are 70%, while there is still a 30% that you may lose with an extra card.

Dealer’s Six and Your Ace? Time to Double Down!

One of the Blackjack tips is doubling down when you have an ace and the dealer’s face-up card is 6. Apply this method unless you collect soft 20.

Prepare a Strategy Chart at Your Fingertips

Make a basic strategy chart easily accessible when you play Blackjack. Thus you’ll be able to refer to the table any time you need advice for your next action. Even at brick-and-mortar casinos using cheats is not forbidden. And when you play online or with a live dealer, you can use these prompts for a better outcome.

Common Blackjack Mistakes That You Can Avoid

No one is immune to errors. Still, it’s worth getting familiar with the most common mistakes punters face while playing 21. It’s much better to learn from others' practice than to have a personal negative experience:

  1. Playing Blackjack without understanding its rules and applying strategies grows the casino's advantage and moves you away from winning.
  2. Not making time and bankroll limits can cause large losses and even lead you to debt.
  3. Applying betting progressions without counting the cards' value may result in wrong decision-making during the session.
  4. Gambling and drinking alcohol can dull your attention and make you forget how to win at Blackjack.
  5. Losing a cold mind and discipline can damage your bankroll management system and decrease profit.


Is There Any Secret to Win Blackjack?

It is a mathematically calculated entertainment where all the possible card pairs and the further gaming steps are described. Blackjack requires a good memory or what is even better: a sheet with cheats, you can use during the game to choose the action with the best probability of winning.

Is It Worth Increasing the Stakes When You Already Have Several Winnings in a Row?

The answer depends on a few factors: your chosen gaming tactics, bankroll limits, the time you enjoy the Blackjack session, and your game goals. If you feel free to lose winnings, you can try luck and increase the stakes. But when you have a small budget or are too tired to continue gaming with a clear mind it would be better to quit and enter the next time. Some gamblers wager only the money they have already won at a casino, not spending it from a pocket.

Does a Table with a Higher Percentage of Winners Guarantee My Success if I Join?

This is not the right criteria The Noble players of King Billy should pay attention to while choosing a Blackjack table to join. Make your choice depending on the minimum stake amount or rules of this particular table. Check the RTP and payout system (it’s better to avoid 6:5). And of course, rely on your knowledge of tips for Blackjack and a cheat list.

Should I Play Blackjack Alone or Do I Need Help From Friends or Relatives?

It’s better to play alone because a lot of mistakes during decision-making in games are made for the company. Playing without friends or advisors, you will focus your mind on the Blackjack table and make clearly defined actions. And you won’t blame somebody who doesn't know how to win at online Blackjack, because you make decisions on your own.

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