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King Billy awarded at AskGamblers Awards for fourth year in a row!

June 01, 2021

King Billy awarded at AskGamblers Awards for fourth year in a row!

King Billy and AskGamblers Awards have a rich history of success. Can you recall who claimed the initial title of Best New Casino during the first-ever AskGamblers Awards? It was none other than His Majesty and His Loyal Servants! The subsequent year, we ascended another rung on the ladder of achievement, securing both the AskGamblers Third Best Casino 2018 and AskGamblers Second Player’s Choice 2018 Awards.

In our third venture into the awards, we reached the zenith of the casino world. In a dazzling gala held at the opulent Hyatt Regency 5-star hotel, broadcasted globally, King Billy clinched the most coveted title of all: AskGamblers Awards Best Casino for 2019! This marked an impressive streak of three consecutive victories.

This year, the burning question within the King Billy family was whether we could achieve the unprecedented feat of four successive years. Would we become the sole casino in AskGamblers Awards history to earn accolades for four consecutive years? The verdict has just been revealed, and it’s a resounding “yes”!

His Majesty, King Billy, First of His Name, the Rightful Ruler of the Kingdom, Guardian of the Realm, Supreme Commander of the Royal Forces, and Protector of the Players, has once again outdone himself. In the year 2020, we clinched yet another prestigious honor, securing the AskGamblers third-place spot for Best Casino!

How do we manage this extraordinary feat? By staying dedicated to our work and cherishing what we do! When we embarked on our journey in 2017 to offer a fresh perspective in the realm of online casinos, we couldn’t have foreseen the multitude of awards that would come our way. But as the saying goes, in the end, good deeds and dedication bring forth their deserved rewards. In our case, it’s recognition, affection, and a trove of awards!

Long Live King Billy!
Play Long & Prosper!

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