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Roulette Odds: How Likely Is It to Win in This Game?

May 8, 2023

Roulette is a gambling game that provides a completely random distribution of winning results. It doesn't depend on the player's skills or knowledge, or the dealer's skill or ability.

odds on roulette

When starting the roulette, the player should understand that there is no chance of predicting the prize sector in which the ball ends up. The probability of the ball hitting one of the cells is the same for all numbers, including zero. By choosing online roulette options, the player can be confident that there are no other real factors in this game of external influence.

A Few Words about the Odds in Roulette

When a player chooses to bet in roulette, each outcome has a chance. Many players before making bets, calculate the roulette odds and analyze chance. In roulette, the odds can be calculated as a percentage. If a punter makes a bet that an even number will fall in the next round, the roulette odds are 50-50.

Calculating Roulette Payouts

To calculate the payout, a gambler needs to consider the probability of the outcome of the wager, the amount, and the odds. These components affect the outcome. A punter can make a wager of NZ$100 on one number and win an amount that is 35 times the size of the bet. The calculation is made by multiplying the odds by the bet amount. Every player can choose the highest odds on roulette and make bets.

Payments and Coefficients for Inside Bets

Internal bets are rightfully considered to be the backbone of roulette. They have the highest payout odds, which makes them so attractive to gamblers. However, it is quite difficult to win with inside bets, as they include a small variant of numbers. Despite this, roulette players try hard to win a lot and from time to time it brings huge winnings.

roulette table odds

Types of internal rates:

Internal rates are of the following types:

  • direct bet;
  • a wager on a pair of numbers;
  • a wager on three numbers;
  • a bet on 4 numbers;
  • a wager on 5 numbers;
  • a bet on 6 numbers.

All inside bets have different odds on roulette, and the punter needs to be careful.

Direct bet

This type of prediction brings the highest winnings in roulette. It involves betting on a single number from 1 to 36 or predicting Zero. For example, in roulette, the punter decides to bet on the number ten NZ$5. To do this, it is necessary to move the chip of the appropriate denomination to a cell of the playing field with a five. Before starting the game, it is advisable to make sure that the chip does not touch any lines. If he wins, the participant's bet will be increased 35 times. Every player has an odds of winning roulette with a large increase in the bet.

On a Pair of Numbers (Split)

To slightly increase their chances of winning, the user can bet on a pair of adjacent numbers. They must necessarily be adjacent in the same column. To do this, the chip goes on the line, which is between the numbers of interest to the participant. The payout will be 18 to 1.

On 3 numbers

This prediction assumes that one of the three numbers in one column will fall. This type of bet can also be called a straight or a streaming bet. To make it, a participant needs to put his chip on the line at the beginning or the end of the column. The payout is 12 to 1.

On 4 numbers

The presented prediction indicates that one of the four numbers that touch at least one point on the playing field will fall on the roulette wheel. To make a bet of this type, the user must move his chip with the desired denomination at the point of contact of his interest in the four numbers. The payout will be 6 to 1.

On 5 numbers

This prediction has one nuance: you can make it only on American roulette. The thing is that this bet is made only on the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. Since the sector with two Zeros is only in American roulette, this bet is inherent only in this type of game. To make it the player's chip should be on the sideline of the specified numbers. Payout will be 7 to 1.

On 6 numbers

Users can make a prediction that one of the numbers in the neighboring two lines will fall on the roulette wheel. To make such a bet, the participant will have to put a chip on the line, which crosses the desired two lines. This prediction option is quite common among experienced gamblers. The payout will be 6 to 1.

Payments and Coefficients for Outside Bets

Looking closely at the playing field of roulette, you will notice that it is divided not only into cells with numbers but also there is color coding. Plus, around the digital cells, there are slots with additional bets. They are the external ones, which, although they bring less income than the internal predictions, are quite popular among gamblers and give a better chance of winning.

what are the odds in roulette

In total, there are 5 types of external rates:

  1. A bet on a dozen.
  2. A bet on the column.
  3. Red or black.
  4. Even or odd.
  5. Bigger or smaller.

On a dozen

Increase your odds and do not lose a good chance to correctly specify the number which will allow you to win. All the numbers on the playing field are divided into 3 dozen, one of which you can bet. With the bet of this type, the user can cover almost a third of the entire roulette wheel.

On the column

The user gets to bet on one of three columns in roulette, each with a dozen numbers. Such a bet increases the chances of the participants winning by more than 3 times.

Red or black

Half of the numbers on the field are red and the other half is black. The exception will be the Zero sector, which is marked in green and is not included in the bet presented. Noble players get a 50/50 chance of indicating the color of the number the ball will fall on the wheel. When a punter bets on red or black, the roulette payout odds of 1 to 2.

Even or odd

A player can bet on whether the number in the current round will fall even or odd. This type of prediction gives such a 50/50 chance of winning. Do not forget about the Zero, which does not belong to any category. Therefore, if this sector falls out, the user loses.

Bigger or smaller

All numbers, in addition to columns and rows, are divided into larger and smaller ones. Thus, numbers up to 18 belong to the first group, and everything after that is a big number. The gambler must remember that the zero sectors are not included in these groups of numbers and automatically takes away the participant's wager.

Each external bet described gives users an equal chance of making a profit and has a payout ratio of 1 to 2.

A Losing Roulette Bet with Low Odds

A punter can wager on five numbers in American roulette. In most cases, it is a losing bet because there are two zeros in a game of this type.

Why Should a Player Consider Roulette Odds?

When selecting bets, the punter should pay attention to the roulette odds, which affect the final amount of profit. Calculation of the coefficient will allow the gambler to make more informed decisions in betting. If the player does not think through his choices, the player will lose more. Additionally, a punter can analyze roulette table odds and come up with their betting ideas.

A feature of roulette is a direct dependence of the resulting winnings on the type of bets made.

The most expensive in roulette are the internal predictions, but they give fewer chances to win. The most profitable are predictions on external bets. When punters play at King Billy, they can bet on different roulette outcomes and get individual results. The highest profit in roulette will be when betting on a single number.


How does a punter make a roulette bet on a casino platform?

The player needs to choose and launch the roulette game. Next, make bets on the playing field and spin the wheel.

If a player bets on a zero, what are the chances of winning?

The chance of winning for a player who rolls a zero is 2-3%.

Does a punter in roulette have the best odds?

The user has the opportunity to get the roulette best odds and increase the balance. The maximum odds in the game are 35 to 1.

How can a gambler increase his chances at roulette?

A player can use different betting strategies and get individual results. Based on these results, a punter can build an individual strategy in roulette-winning combinations and increase the balance.

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