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Blackjack Odds or How to Boost Your Efficiency Playing 21

April 12, 2023

The 21 game can seem very simple at first glance. According to the playing rules, King Billy Citizens should collect the number of cards that will be closer to 21, not bust and beat the dealer. Gamers that are favored by fate also can win with the initial hand, hitting the blackjack with their first two cards. Still, applying some basic strategies and approaches will help to maximize their chances of winning and decrease losses.

Unlike baccarat, where all the tactics and players' steps are strictly determined by rules, this game requires some decision-making. So it’s recommended to learn some possible variants of the gameplay that depends on the card value in hands.

blackjack odds

What are Blackjack Odds and Why You Should Know Them?

Odds for blackjack, as in any other casino game, are applied to show the ratio between the possibilities to lose and win a round. They vary for a dealer and punters. Moreover, chances to win are always higher for the casino, because a player is the one who has to make decisions for the further gameplay: stand, hit, double, etc.

Blackjack odds also differ according to a game type, the number of decks in a shoe, the house edge, and other conditions. The table odds for a particular card value can help to determine your next move in the game and know exactly when it would be better to draw one more card or refrain from it.

Blackjack basic strategy odds are also commonly used to define the payouts, which are 3:2 for the traditional variant of the game, meaning a player receives 1.5x their bet when they hit 21.

A Few Words about Odds & Probability

To calculate the odds for a certain event you should consider winning and losing chances. For example, what are the blackjack odds for getting an ace in the initial hand? There can be 4 chances out of 52. So in 48 variants, you won’t draw any ace and the odds will be 48:4.

Probability represents a percentage that describes how probable it is to win a round depending on your hand and the game conditions.

Probabilities of Receiving a Certain Number

As for the classic game with 8 decks and 52 cards, often called an American one, the average winning percentage is 4.22%. And here is the chart of chances to collect a certain value in blackjack hand:

  • 21 — 4.75%;
  • from 17 to 20 — 30%;
  • from 1 to 16 — 38,7%;
  • not to exceed 21 — 26.5%.

How Can Players Reduce the House Edge?

Even if you know about how to play blackjack online or with a live dealer, you should also understand your risks of collecting an amount that exceeds 21. Learning the bust probabilities will escalate your chances of a successful game:

  • If you have an 11 or lower in hand, chances that you bust with an extra card are 0%.
  • When you have a total of 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17, bust probabilities change accordingly and are 31%, 39%, 56%, 58%, 62%, and 69%.
  • The higher the total, the more is a risk to exceed 21: 77% for 18, 85% for 19, 92% for 20, and 100% for 21 (Blackjack) in a hand.

Simple arithmetics, but sometimes it helps punters to mitigate risks and control their bankroll efficiently.

odds for blackjack

What You Should Know about the House Edge

Blackjack is known for the most player-friendly house edge among other casino games. It can be described as an advantage that a casino has over punters and the reason why an establishment always gains profit in a long ride.

The House Edge Definition and Purpose

The coefficient is calculated as a percentage of money a casino will receive from every stake. Thus, if a game has a house edge of 1%, an operator will get 1% of the money from the entire bet amount. For example, if you stake $100 per session, you’ll lose $1 in advantage to the house.

Various types of blackjack have different house edges. It is 0.5% for the American version, 0.38% for the European, and 0.48-0.72% for the Vegas Strip.

If you aren’t familiar with basic blackjack rules, the house edge can reach 2% or even more depending on your decision-making. Instead, applying some common strategies can lower the risk, but it will never be 0%.

Tips to Reduce the House Edge

The simplest way punters can downsize the house edge is by learning the basic strategy and precisely understanding when it’s better to hit or stand with their hand value. A more advanced tactic is to count cards that were drawn during the session. Still, this approach can’t be applied in RNG games, because every round starts with a fresh deck.

If you want to get the best odds for blackjack, pick up the right type of game from the very beginning. Thus, when the rules obligate dealers to stand on soft 17, the house edge decreases by 0.2%. Blackjack with a 3:2 payout system has a 1.3% lower casino advantage than tables with 6:5. Also, the fewer restrictions a punter has on splitting cards, the lower house edge can be.

odds of winning in blackjack

Punters should also remember that the house advantage is increasing with each added deck. A standard game involves 8 decks, while there can be variations with fewer cards.

What are the Odds of Winning Blackjack?

When talking about the classic blackjack game with casual players, the winning odds are divided into 42.22% for punters, 49.1% for a dealer, and 8.48% for a tie. These are the average numbers, which means there is always an opportunity to move the fortune into players’ turn.

Blackjack is a card game of luck, and numbers state there is around a 4.8% chance to get a 10 and an ace from the first draw. The probability greatly depends on the house rules, so it’s recommended to get familiar with the game description before joining the table at The King Billy Empire.


Is it true that blackjack has better odds than other casino games?

Yes, blackjack has one of the best odds of winning among the whole variety of online games due to its tiny house edge. It can be 0.5% or even less if the player chooses a wise strategy. Dealers and punters have almost the same chances of winning at blackjack, as both rely on luck. Moreover, dealers can’t choose whether to stand or draw a card by themselves, because the next steps are determined by the game rule.

Is 21 another name for blackjack?

Yes, the game is also known as 21 among gamblers. The main goal of blackjack is to collect the value of 21 in hand (the maximum allowed) or the closest number, defeat a dealer, and not bust. The 21 combination is also called blackjack.

Does the dealer win more often in blackjack?

Dealers have a 49.1% chance of winning per gaming session, while 42.22% goes to a punter and 8.48% is left for an option when no one wins. Dealers have better blackjack odds because they play second after an opponent makes a decision. In some cases, players can exceed the 21 value even before a croupier draws an extra card.

Are the odds of winning an online blackjack similar to a land-based casino game?

The real blackjack table odds to win an online game are 1.37:1. And the betting payouts are 3:2 at most casinos, the same as at brick-and-mortar tables. You can boost your success by practicing online gambling at The King Billy Kingdom, learning basic strategies, and trying your luck in games with a real dealer.

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