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Introduction to Edge Sorting

May 20, 2023

Edge sorting is a gambling strategy that helps players to gain an unfair advantage over the casino. This controversial technique is applicable in card-using casino games, such as baccarat, blackjack, and poker. It follows the principle of identifying flaws or asymmetry in the printing on the playing cards, which allows punters to predict the face-down card values more accurately. Though edge sorting is not illegal, it is labeled cheating on many platforms, leading to serious consequences if you get caught. Read further to understand the answer to the question: “What is edge sorting?” and the nuances of this strategy in online gambling. Visit the Land of His Majesty King Billy to enjoy exciting card games anywhere and anytime.

what is edge sorting

What Is the Edge Sorting Technique?

Edge sorting is a popular technique for gaining an advantage over the casino when playing card games like poker, baccarat, and blackjack. It is a perfect strategy for an observant player, who can spot little discrepancies in the design of the front or back of the cards that distinguish one from the other. Therefore, you can sort the deck according to these subtle differences to win more consistently in games where knowing the card values can influence the outcome.

Over the years, several players have used this strategy worldwide. However, it became popular in 2012 when Phil Ivey, a professional gambler, won $9.6 million playing baccarat by sorting the cards. This led the casino to file a lawsuit against him under claims he cheated by exploiting card defects. Ivey lost the case in court and was ordered to return his winnings to the gambling establishment.

This technique is controversial because it relies on identifying and exploiting flaws in the card designs rather than playing with the skill to win. Though the laws regarding this strategy vary depending on the jurisdiction, many consider it unethical. To tackle the loophole, many developers have created new decks of cards that are more difficult to sort while also changing the game rules to make edge sorting less effective.

How Does Edge Sorting Work?

When playing card games like blackjack and baccarat, edge sorting is an effective strategy to accurately predict card values and win the game. This technique involves looking for slight differences in the patterns on the back of playing cards to gain an unfair advantage over the casino during gameplay. You can use these discrepancies to identify high-value ones like aces and face cards, thus making more informed decisions to boost your winnings odds.

To understand how the edge sorting technique works, you must first learn how playing decks for each game are designed. Usually, they display symmetrical and identical patterns on the back, but some developers create decks with slightly off-center patterns, which result in minor differences in the designs. If players using this strategy spot the irregularities, they can sort the cards into two groups based on their value.

In baccarat, it helps Canadian punters to determine if the next cards to be dealt are of high value, so they can make the best decisions to win. Also, this technique makes it easier for blackjack players to know when to hit, stand, or double down. However, note that it is considered illegal in different jurisdictions, and the casino might take legal action against guilty players.

How Does Edge Sorting Work in Baccarat?

This is a strategy that can improve your winning chances at baccarat. Although it is difficult in the online game, using the technique is still possible. If players can spot faulty cards within the decks, this might be a smart way to tilt the odds in their favor. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use edge sorting in baccarat:

edge sorting cards

Identify the cards

The first step is scrutinizing the virtual decks for irregularities and noting their values while the dealer shuffles the cards. Most baccarat games use eight decks, each with a unique pattern on the back. You can analyze the card markings using specialized software.

Sort the cards

Once you identify the cards, you can sort them into two groups: high-value and low-value cards. High cards are those with a value of 10, J, Q, or K, while low cards are all the remaining ones in the deck. Sorting them into these groups is an essential step in using this technique to note the values before checking for differences in the patterns on the back of the cards.

Identify the pattern

Now, you will try to identify the critical differences in the patterns on the cards. These discrepancies might be subtle, needing a keen eye to find. For example, if you discover cards with varying border spaces or an off-center pattern, edge sorting helps to use it to your advantage.

The edge sorting strategy

After spotting the variations in the patterns, you should ask the dealer to rotate the high cards 180 degrees for easy identification during the game. So, you can predict the likely ones to be dealt next, increasing your chances of winning.

Legal considerations

Although the edge sorting technique is not particularly illegal, it might be termed unethical. This could result in legal penalties if you are caught.

What Is Edge Sorting in Blackjack?

If you are wondering: “What is edge sorting in blackjack?”, this is a must-read. Blackjack is another game where Canadian players can use this gambling technique. Since the gameplay also involves decks, it is possible to identify cards with slight imperfections in the patterns, which are useful in grouping them into low and high cards. The strategy works in online blackjack but with a slight twist. Though the aim is to find subtle differences in the card patterns, players use software instead of physically manipulating the decks.

In blackjack online games, the virtual decks are shuffled with a random number generator, which is designed to ensure random and fair outcomes. However, punters can analyze the patterns using specialized software to spot irregularities. So, they can predict the likely cards to be dealt next and adjust their strategy accordingly.

With the knowledge from using this technique, you can easily determine when to hit, stand, or double down during the blackjack game. For instance, if you know only high cards are left in the deck, you can choose to hit on a hand of 12 or 13 hoping to reach 21 and win the game. Unfortunately, this technique is not advisable because it might be seen as cheating, and many platforms take steps to prevent or detect it. So, you should be careful when playing blackjack games with this strategy.

edge sorting technique

Conclusion: Is Edge Sorting a Worthwhile Strategy?

There is no straightforward answer to if sorting the cards is a worthwhile strategy or not. Most times, it is up to the player to consider the risks and consequences before using the gambling technique. Although this seems like a clever strategy to outsmart the casino, you should know that it is not foolproof. Also, it is frowned upon in many jurisdictions, which means you might face legal punishment if caught. To enjoy higher payouts on card games, it is better to adopt proven strategies that play by the books. This way, King Billy Citizens can boost their winnings at our card games while staying out of trouble.


Is edge sorting a form of cheating?

Opinions about this strategy vary depending on the regulations within a jurisdiction. Mostly, edge sorting is considered a way of cheating at card games because it exploits the asymmetry of patterns on the cards. So, you should read the casino terms and conditions before signing up. However, we advise that you improve your gameplay with tested strategies and play demo games, instead of relying on this technique.

Is it illegal to use edge sorting?

Understanding the legality of edge sorting can be tricky. Although it is widely regarded as illegal, there are certain jurisdictions without strict laws against it. Therefore, you must endeavor to research and know the gambling regulations before playing card games in Canada. If you are caught using this technique illegally, you might face serious legal repercussions. Play blackjack and baccarat games at King Billy with trustworthy strategies to enjoy a safe and rewarding gaming experience.

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