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How to Play Online Roulette: A Complete Guide

March 13, 2023

A legendary game featured on online casino landmarks, roulette is very popular with Canadian gamblers. It's a fascinating gambling option, with a wheel divided into numbered sectors, a betting table, and a ball indicating the results of the spins.

After 300+ years since its invention, it has come to Canadian online casinos to provide an entertaining and potentially rewarding gambling experience. We're here to tell you how to play roulette, and what your odds are for making the right predictions in the game.

How to Play Roulette

Main Objective of Roulette

Online roulette is a pure chance game with the objective of the player guessing which sector of the roulette wheel the ball will land in when it stops spinning. Depending on the game version, the wheel may contain 37 or 38 numbered sectors, with half of them painted red and the rest black.

There are several options a player can bet on, including red or black, even or odd, a specific number or group of numbers. The payout for a correct prediction is determined by the odds of the chosen outcome.

Since the player does not influence the spinning wheel, all outcomes are determined purely by chance. By joining King Billy, you can try out both RNG-based roulette, where results are determined by a computer algorithm, and a live dealer version that uses a physical wheel and other game elements, thus ensuring the most authentic gaming experience.

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Online Roulette Rules

Although we are dealing with a simple game of chance, before a single is placed, you need to know how to play roulette. According to the rules of roulette, two elements work in tandem: the roulette wheel and the betting table. So, here's a step-by-step description of a typical game round in roulette:

Choose a betting option

There are three main betting groups: Inside Bets, Outside Bets, and Racetrack. We'll go into more detail about each of them below.

Set Your Budget

Decide how much money you are prepared to wager on your prediction as to where the ball will end up when the wheel stops spinning by selecting a chip with an appropriate value.

Spin the Roulette Wheel

Click the button to start the spin. Depending on the game version (RNG-based or live option) you will see the animated wheel powered by software, or the physical one being spun by a real dealer.

Try the Demo Mode before Playing for Real Money

If you're new to the game and don't know the rules of roulette, His Majesty King Billy gives you the chance to try roulette hands-on with no risk to your money. Choose any RNG-based roulette option on the casino website and click the Demo button to play in risk-free gaming mode.

how to play roulette in casino

Roulette Betting Types

The roulette table contains a betting layout that may appear complicated at first glance. It includes many betting options in a structured format to make it easier for you to navigate when choosing the option you want. Let's take a look at the main roulette betting types below.

Outside Bets

This group of bets gets its name because it includes bets placed on the areas outside the numbers on the roulette table. While offering rather meager payouts, they come with fairly high winning chances. Here are the main bets included in this group:

  • Red/Black: A bet on the color of the winning number.
  • Even/Odd: Betting on whether the winning number is an even or odd number.
  • High/Low: Betting on whether the winning number is high or low.
  • Dozen: A bet on a group of 12 numbers.
  • Column: A bet on a column of 12 numbers.

If you prefer to use number-sequence-based betting systems such as Martingale, then outside bets are your best choice.

Inside Bets

This betting group includes bets on the number of spots located on the inner section of the betting table. While offering higher payouts, inside bets are riskier because they come with lower winning chances. Here are the options included in this betting group:

  • Straight-up: Placing a bet on a single number on the roulette wheel.
  • Split: Betting on two adjacent numbers.
  • Street: Betting on three numbers in a row on the wheel.
  • Corner: A bet on four numbers occurring in a corner on the betting layout.
  • Line: A bet on six numbers across two adjacent rows.

For starters, try playing roulette in demo mode to see just how risky Inside Betting can be.


This is a special group of bets found only in some versions of the table game. Allowing bets to be placed on individual sections of the wheel, they are popular with advanced players. Here are some of the betting options included in Racetrack:

  • Neighbor: A bet on a number as well as two adjacent ones on either side of that number.
  • Voisins du Zero: A bet on a group of numbers adjacent to zero.
  • Tiers du Cylindre: A bet on a group of numbers located on the part of the wheel opposite zero.

Although the options included in Racetrack may seem complex, they are statistically sound and offer a compromise between winning chances and payout amounts.

Popular Versions of Roulette Games

There are three main types of roulette you can find on The land of King Billy:

  • European roulette: This is the standard game with a single zero pocket and a 2.7% house advantage.
  • American roulette: This is a version of the game with double zero pockets, a higher house edge of 5.25%, and bigger payouts on some bets.
  • French roulette: This is a rare version with a wheel like the European and with La Partage/En Prison rules reducing the house advantage to 1.35%.
  • Live roulette: The game with real human dealers combines all the best aspects of online and offline casino gaming. With physical elements such as a betting table and wheel, it allows you to bet remotely and give commands to a real croupier via live chat.

Tips on How to Improve Your Winning Probability in Roulette

Now that you know how to play and how to improve your roulette strategy, we want to give some tips with which you'll increase your chances of winning something substantial:

  • Place bets from the Outside Bets group, especially if you are new to the game.
  • Use the Martingale or Reverse Martingale betting system, to be able to cover a losing streak.
  • Stick to sensible bankroll management, limiting your playing sessions in terms of time and how much you can afford to spend on betting.
  • Eliminate all distractions and avoid making emotional decisions.

Finally, remember that roulette is a pure chance game where the outcome of each spin is determined randomly. So, don't be fooled by those who offer always-win strategies.


How many numbers are there on the roulette wheel?

In standard roulette (European), you will be dealing with a wheel containing 37 numbered sectors, with the 37th being the zero pocket. However, there is an American-style version of the game with a wheel containing 38 sectors (a double zero pocket included).

What is the house advantage of roulette?

The European version of the game is standard and has a house advantage of 2.70%. However, there is an American Roulette game that offers bigger payouts and therefore has a house edge of 5.25%. Finally, there is the very rare French Roulette, which - due to two insurance-betting rules - has the smallest house advantage at 1.35%.

What is the best bet in roulette?

In terms of payout potential, a straight-up bet is the best in terms of payout size as it has 35/1 odds. However, low-risk bets that are part of the Outside Bets group and pay 1:1 are considered the best.

How much do you win on the green?

The green pocket is a sector containing double zero. By betting on this pocket, you essentially double the chances of losing all your bets, although you can get a 35/1 payout if your prediction is successful.

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