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What Odds of Winning Does a Player Have in Roulette?

May 8, 2023

At first sight, it may seem that this game is very simple and easy to understand. But when the wheel starts, beginners immediately understand that roulette is not the easiest game in the gambling world. This game has several types, and your odds of winning roulette will depend on its rules.

If you correctly study the rules and basics of online roulette, then the player will be able to figure out when his/her bet will come in and bring him or her income. Of course, it is impossible to take into account everything in the world, but it is quite possible to increase your chances of a good income. You just need to study well the probabilities of falling out the necessary elements and with what bets to increase your chances of winning.

What Are the Odds of Winning at Roulette?

To calculate the roulette payout odds, the player needs to study the entire gaming table in an online format. In the European version of the game, there are 36 cells, and depending on which of the cells to bet on, the chance of winning will be determined. If you make a classic bet on one cell, then the probability of winning is 1 to 36.

However, betting services allow roulette players to make several bets at once, which increases the winning roulette odds for users. The player needs to remember that he/she will never win in all rounds of roulette. However, the user can lose several rounds, getting such an income at the right moment that will cover all the losses.

odds on roulette

To do this, you need to choose the right online casino with different variations of table games, including roulette. Today, the King Billy Kingdom provides many opportunities for its users. On this site, it is easy to identify the games you need from top providers. Their games fairly count winnings, and the user will quickly be able to determine their chances of success.

How Are Roulette Payouts Calculated?

Players in the gambling industry need to understand that roulette odds can vary depending on the rules of the game. There are 3 main types of roulette, namely:

European roulette is considered the classic version of the game. There are only 36 cells, where the ball can stop. Of these, 35 are painted in black or red, and zero are. The probability of winning is 1 to 36 with a single bet. The house edge is 2.7%.

French roulette is a little different. In it, when zero falls out, the bet is returned to the player, which increases the odds on roulette. But there are also variations of roulette, where only half of the bet is returned when this sector falls out.

In the American version of sectors with zero 2. Therefore, the chances of winning are lower than in the European one. The house edge is 5.26% and at some bets 7.89%.

Depending on the selected bets, the probability of winning may change. There are several classifications of bets, but most of them are divided into inside and outside.

Calculation of Odds and Payouts for Inside Bets

Inside bets are called in the casino, where the player selects numbers from the internal sector of the playing field. There are 3 such sectors in total and the player can choose any of them to make such a bet.

Straight Bet

The player's standard bet per sector. The player chooses the sector he/she likes and indicates that the ball will stop on it. In confirmation, the player leaves the amount of the bet on the selected sector. Such a game is a little primitive, but it has the highest coefficients because, with a successful choice, the roulette odds are 1 to 35 for the player to win.

Split Bet

The player can bet on 2 numbers that are adjacent to each other horizontally or vertically. In this case, the chances of success are 1 to 17. The player makes a bet on the line that separates 2 selected sectors.

Street Bet

A street bet in roulette is placed on 3 numbers that go horizontally in a row. The player needs to leave the chips on the numbered field from the outer area. In this case, you cannot bet on a line that does not border on outside bets. Chances of success are 1 in 11.

Corner Bet

The bet is placed on 4 numbers that are in the same playing square. The chip must be installed at the point of intersection of these numbers. You can win with a coefficient of 1 to 8.

Top Line

The bet is made only in American roulette. It is made when 2 zeros and the first street are selected (sectors 1, 2, and 3). The probability of success is 1 to 5.

roulette table odds

Calculation of Coefficients and Payouts for Outside Bets

When the user starts playing, he or she understands that the roulette table odds to succeed are different. Therefore, players can make not only inside but also outside bets. To do this, the player chooses not the most classic betting options. They bring less income, but they are also more likely to be successful.

Dozen Bet

The player places a bet on one of the dozens. In this case, there may be only 3 betting options (1-12, 13-24, or 25-36). If the roulette stops at a cell that falls into the number of the selected dozen, then the bet is considered winning. In this case, the coefficient is considered 1 to 2.

Color Bets

This bet may not bring money and allows you to save your funds. It is done on the fact that a cell of red or black color will fall out. The chance of them falling out is 1 to 18, but the game coefficient is 1 to 1.

what are the odds in roulette

Odd or Even

Similar variation to the previous version. However, the player makes a bet that the roulette will show the drawn number as even or odd. The probability and the game coefficient are the same as in the dozen.

Low or High

Another version of similar bets. The player chooses whether the number will be low or high. Cells in the range of 1-18 are considered low. High ones from 19 to 36. The odds and odds of paying out are identical to a dozen.

What Is the Roulette Bet with the Lowest Odds of Winning?

Outside bets are considered to be the worst bets because they have the lowest odds of paying out. Players make such bets in a situation where they just want to skip the move because they understand that the dealer will win. However, it is also not worth ignoring such a bet format. Without them, the player will lose the funds, and even the King Billy Empire will not save his or her bankroll.

Therefore, when placing your bets, think through each action in rounds. If you are not sure about winning, it is better to choose to wager on outside bets. If you understand that the chances of success are high, then make inside bets and increase your bankroll several times.

Why Is It Important to Consider Roulette Odds When Choosing a Bet?

As you can see, there are always options to win, but only a successful strategy can get the roulette best odds. Before each round, be aware of what the chances of success are, and whether you are worth the risk. If you lose, try to follow your roulette strategy and avoid mistakes.

To build a strategy correctly, use mathematical sequences. For example, many players use Fibonacci numbers. With this strategy, each next bet is the sum of the two previous ones. After winning, return to the minimum bet. In this case, at the end of the gaming day, your bankroll will be higher than at the beginning of the day.


What do you need to bet on roulette?

For the first bet, you need to have an active account and a positive account balance in the online casino. Next, you choose a roulette game from the offered assortment. At each table, you will see the betting options, choose the one that suits you best and enter the amount to bet. If you win, you will receive your winnings with the specified earnings.

What are the chances of winning with a bet on a 0 in roulette?

The chance that this particular cell will fall is 35 to 1 in European roulette. This means that by betting 1 dollar on zero, the player can earn 35 dollars when it falls out. However, in American roulette, there are 2 such cells, which complicates the win and the chance of zero.

Does roulette have better odds than other casino games?

The highest odds of winning in European roulette are 2.7%. With a well-built strategy and knowledge of all the nuances of the game, the player can easily bypass the house edge. But when compared with other table games, the odds on roulette are slightly lower.

What should you do to increase your chances at roulette?

First of all, you need to play with a cool head and think through all your actions in roulette. To do this, build a game strategy and think over each of your moves depending on the completion of the previous round. Such actions will not bring you a win in every round, but if you calculate your initial and final capital, you will see that you have remained in the black.

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